New York – Take 3 this year

AH…Monday’s, how I hate you so. This Monday is even worse than the usual thanks to the amazing 3-day weekend in NYC! Weekend started pretty much on Friday which was a half day of work, followed by a DodgeBall Tourney all afternoon at the Rec Center in Arlington. Me and a group of ADEPTs went out there and basically dominated the court and all the older folk. Next, headed straight to the airport to meet up with Shivan(who had been there for past 4 hours) to  head out to the concrete Jungle. We would’ve/should’ve gotten first class on the flight up but got distracted by a 50% off sale at BB and decided to buy some clothes for the upcoming weekend before flying out. Flight was completely empty so each of us got a row of seats to ourselves and had a chill flight. As soon as arriving in NY, we Taxi/Subway’ed our way to RobPob’s and…the shenanigans began. Started off by checking out Robert’s place and drinking some brews. Then headed out to an area of town called the MeatPacking district which was really cool and hip…demonstrated by how we got offered coke 3-4 times while walking around on the street there. Met up with Ernie while at a restraunt called Spice Market. Food there was amaazing and filled us up just the right amount to go tear up the town. Started off at a local place called The Biergarten, which turned out to be a place me and Shivan had visited while in NY 3 years ago. Slammed a tall boy beer there and headed next door to a hot joint called Brass Monkey. Within minutes of walking into the club, Ernie was no where to be found. Regardless, RobPob, Shivan, Me, and 2 chicks had a great time dancing and enjoying some $12 drinks. Chilled and enjoyed the club for a couple of hours, checking out the roof and middle floors…then headed back via Taxi to RobPob’s place. As soon as we got to his place, went upstairs and passed right out after long day of traveling and walking…only to be rudely awoken by an alarm at 6 am to check in for morning flight the next day(which did not work out at all…more on that later). Woke up lazily around 1 pm the next day and showered, got ready while deciding what to do during the day. Settled on going to grab some grub at Artichoke Pizza(amazing but heavy Alfredo pizza) then going on a Booze Cruize on the Hudson. Cruise started off awesome since it was overcast and nice weather, which gave us an amazing view of Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty but soon turned bad when it started pouring. They cut the cruise 45 mins short but luckily they did not charge us for the cruise at all, and gave us vouchers to use anytime were in NY again. Next, headed out to do some shopping at J.Crew and kill some time before dinner and the eventual RAGEfest at Karma. Luckily, Shivan happened to ask how the flight was looking for the next morning during this time…only to discover that it was oversold due to another flight outta NY getting cancelled the next day. Had to make quick modifications to the flights in order to get outta NY with Shivan flying United straight to Houston and I having to take a connection through Nashville…which ended up working out better in the long run since we got to stay in NYC till 4 pm the next day. Flight dilemma averted, we headed out to put our names down for a reservation at an upscale amazing restaraunt called the Spotted Pig. After putting our names down, went back to Bert’s place to shower up and change while jamming some sweet house to get pumped. If I hadn’t mentioned before, theme of the trip was to K.I.G(Keep it Gay) so we ended up wearing the following outfits: 




After getting all douched up, headed back towards Spotted Pig area and grabbed some margs before at a restaraunt close by. Got into spotted Pig quickly after and got to enjoy what was possibly the best burger ever, with a nice Irish coffee and some fries. Tummy full and somewhat buzzed, me Shivan Ernie and RobPob caught a cab towards Karma. Shivan had talked to Sanjay earlier in the day who had mentioned he would be at Karma so we got right in and met up with him to get the free drinks/hookah’s flowing. Within minutes of getting in, we already had a back booth with a Double Apple Hookah and multiple drinks/shots. Started off pretty casually but the party escalated quickly when Shivan ordered a round of Irish Car Bombs:

Downed the carbombs and it was all down-hill from there. Ernie took the free drinks to a whole new level by constantly getting shots and drinks for the table. Then, we took turns getting up and trying to get the strongest shot to F the rest of the table over. Ended up getting pretty shitfaced with the mix of free drinks and hookah and decided to go fist pump through the roof in the basement. Somehow, this night at Karma was very….urban so Robert stuck out like a sore thumb and everyone was staring at us awkwardly while me Shivan and Recer raged outta control fistpumping around a bunch of chill black guys just trying to do their thing. Soon, since no one else downstairs joined us in raging…we headed back up to grab some more free dranks. Happened to meet up with Ernie right then who was balls deep in a 36 year old black chick. Started off seeing him blow smoke into her mouth which quickly escalated to them playing tonsil hockey at the bar…which was fully documented by Robert. After a while of high-fiving, taking videos and trying to troll Ernie, we had to pull him away because we had hardcore munchies and wanted to get some ice-cream. Headed next door to McDonalds and grabbed some cones and burgers before heading back towards RobPob’s place. During the walk, Ernie somehow found a way to eat shit into a pile of garbage while still holding up a McFlurry in his hand. Like the night before, we passed right out when we got to RobPob’s place and set alarms to wake up early the next day to have brunch with Tukur and Christian. Woke up for brunch around 10:30(still drunk) and headed out to the city to meet up with the very preggers Tukur and Christian at a restraunt called The Eatery. Waited about 30 mins for a table then got in and ordered some of the most delicious brunch food including stuffed french toast, 3 egg omelet and Grits. After brunch, Shivan and Robert headed towards Penn Station since Shivan’s flight was from Newark and I headed towards Astoria since I had some time to kill before a flight. Met up with Keertana in Astoria for 30 mins and caught up…made sure not to ditch her 3/3 times going to New York and hung out at her sisters place. From there, caught a cab to LGA to head to Nashville–>DFW. Then, faced possibly what was the most traumatic non-revving experience of my life since I thought I was going to get stuck in Nashville overnight…but somehow made it on the very last seat out of Nashville to get back to DFW by 9 pm. That pretty much wrapped up an incredible weekend and so far, New York has not dissapointed in the slightest the 3 times I have been out there this year.


Post again soon!


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