New York Trippin’

Took a trip out to New York this weekend with my Mom to surprise a family friend at a baby shower. The look on the face of the mother-to-be made the trip all worth it. After slamming beers all day while the women carried out the baby shower traditions, most would’ve thought it was time to call it a night. But, that was just the beginning of the night for me and Rutvik, who headed out to the city on the 12:26 Long Island Railroad. Met up with some of Rutvik’s friends and continued the getting shitfaced Saturday, this time taking it to a new level. Headed back to Queens around 2:30 on the Long Island Railroad. The way back was absolutely hilarious with a bunch of shitfaced people singing out loud and just being generally drunk and hilarious. After this came the best moment of the night that was being anticipated all trip, and that was a trip to the legendary Dani’s Pizza. This is definitely the best pizza I have ever had in my life. Not to mention, eating it completely shitfaced at 4 am also has it’s benefits. They really need to open a Dani’s location down South.


After gaining immense satisfaction with Dani’s in stomach, passed right out at Mansi and Christian’s couch. Woke up next morning and headed to the airport and this is when all the craziness started. Starting off with our driver thinking me and my mom were flying out of JFK when we meant to go to LaGuardia, the whole airport trip was a clusterfuck. After the detour through JFK and getting to the airport last minute, we thought it was all smooth sailing after getting two standby seats in the exit row. But boy were we wrong. Not to rag on my favorite airline and current employer too much but here’s a summary of what all went wrong on the flight back:

-First flight about to push back, until maintenance comes on last minute and cancels flight

-Replacement plane ordered for 1st flight and scheduled to depart 2 hours later(not too bad)

-Replacement plane delayed 30 mins. while bags transferred over from previous plane(annoying)

-Replacement plane delayed another hour while pilot waiting to get information from tower(horrible)

-A/C being cut off on plane this whole time due to the APU being down(Turrible)

All these annoyances aside, we still made it back around 6:30 and the pilot was extremely apologetic, doing everything to make up delayed time. After, there was a little nerveracking situation waiting to see if my mom would make it back to Houston on the last flight out or have to take a Greyhound. Luckily, got one of the last 2 seats(theme of the tirip) and made it home safely. Overall, it was an amazing trip and was glad to be able to go and spend time with Mom and some very close family friends.


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